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Eating and Drinking with Dysphagia

Swallowing difficulties and eating

Eating with dysphagia can be a struggle and as a result, often leads to a reduced oral intake, unintentional weight loss and a risk of malnutrition. Changing the texture of the food you eat can make chewing and swallowing both easier and safer for some people.

Our dietitians share their quick tips if you are struggling to eat enough because of swallowing difficulties:

  • Eat small amounts more frequently
  • Schedule meals around clock times rather than hunger cues
  • Fortify food with high energy options. Mix extra butter/margarine/oil, full fat milk powder/cream or nutritional supplement powders such as Enprocal (https://enprocal.com.au/) into both sweet and savoury dishes
  • Have high energy drinks between meals, such as hot chocolate, smoothies or nutritional supplements. If your speech pathologist has recommended you have thickened fluids to help with your swallow, use Precise Thick-N INSTANT to thicken to the desired level

Swallowing difficulties and drinking

When you have dysphagia, your speech pathologist/speech therapist may recommend thickening fluids. This helps to slow down and control the way you swallow in the hope that fluids won’t go down “the wrong way”. It is important to ask your healthcare professional what level of thickness you require to manage your dysphagia.

To thicken your fluids using Precise Thick-N INSTANT:


After adding Precise Thick-N INSTANT to your drink, stir for 30 seconds and drink within 24 hours.

For a full demonstration on how to safely thicken your fluids, watch our quick and easy video.

At Precise, we understand that drinking enough may be a challenge for those with dysphagia! Thankfully, the majority of your favourite drinks can be thickened with Precise Thick-N INSTANT, including water, cordial, juice, tea, coffee and milky drinks. We even have ready-to-drink options, making it easier for you on the go.

Precise RTD

To thicken soft drinks or alcohol or nutritional supplements, check out our easy-to-follow recipes here.

We believe training those who are caring for people with dysphagia is important and have created a Precise Thick-N INSTANT e-Learning for additional support.

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