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Precise Thick-N INSTANT CTA


Liquid Thickening Concentrate for the Management of Dysphagia

Trisco Certification

BRCGS – AA Grade – BSI Group

BRCGS is a leading global brand and consumer protection scheme recognised by customers worldwide.

Achieving a BRCGS “AA” rating means our customers and supply chain partners can have total confidence in the safety and quality of our products and processes.

APCO Member – Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation 

Trisco Foods Pty Ltd is a Member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation. Trisco Foods shares APCO’s vision in working with government and industry to achieve sustainable packaging through material reduction, design, targeted recycling rates, reduced waste to landfill, alternative materials and circular economy activities.

Food Business Licence – Ipswich City Council 

Trisco Foods is licensed as a Food Manufacturer under Ipswich City Council.

HALAL Accreditation

All Precise products are Halal certified. This gives our customers the guarantee that our products contain HALAL suitable ingredients and are manufactured in compliance with Islamic Law.

Kosher Certification – The Kashrut Authority of Australia & New Zealand

Precise Thick-N INSTANT and Precise Ready-To-Drink Thickened Beverages are Kosher certified by The Kashrut Authority of Australia & New Zealand which ensures compliance with ingredients and manufacturing processes.

Australian Trusted Trader – Australian Border Force

Trisco Foods is an accredited Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) through the Australian Border Force. The accreditation acknowledges the security of Trisco Foods supply chain processes for international trade and ensures priority processing for imports & exports.