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What is the shelf life of Precise Thick-N INSTANT?

The shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacture whether the bottle has been opened or not, and can be found on the rear label.

Can fluids be frozen once they have been thickened with Precise Thick-N INSTANT?

Yes, once thickened with Precise Thick-N INSTANT fluids can be frozen. Please note however, you must continue to follow your food safety HACCP plan.

Why occasionally is there a strong vinegar like smell to Precise Thick-N INSTANT?

The organic acids in Precise Thick-N Instant, present noticeably occasionally as an odour, which is likened to the smell of vinegar. This smell does not indicate the product is “off”, and in fact the product maintains it’s functionality despite the smells presence. Also, the smell dissipates when diluted into the beverage to which it is added.

Can you use Precise Thick-N INSTANT to thicken food?

Yes, some foods can be thickened using with Precise Thick-N INSTANT. Customers are advised to check that the consistency of the food meets industry and / or governing association guidelines such as those of the International Dysphagia Dietary Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) or to check with their speech pathologist to ensure safe to swallow.

Do you have to refrigerate Precise Thick-N INSTANT after opening?

No, you do not need to refrigerate Precise Thick-N INSTANT.  The product has been formulated to be microbially safe when stored at room temperature. We do however, recommend that beverages thickened with Precise Thick-N INSTANT are refrigerated if not consumed immediately in accordance with the facilities food safety protocols.

Can I reuse the pumps?

No. Each bottle of Precise comes with it’s own pump. If you have finished one bottle, and starting a new one, please always use a new pump. This will avoid any potential cross contamination from one bottle to another.

Can you use Precise Thick-N INSTANT with supplements?

Yes, Precise can thicken most supplements. You can refer to our website for recipes.

What is the volume of 1 pump of Precise Thick-N INSTANT?

1 pump of Precise Thick-N Instant Single Serve is 4.6ml of liquid. 1 pump of Precise Thick-N Instant Bulk Serve is 32ml.

What do you do when the bottle is nearly empty and pump starts spitting?

Discard the bottle as the dosage may not be accurate.

Can you mix medications with Precise Thick-N INSTANT?

We give no recommendations with regard to the use of Precise Thick-N INSTANT with pharmaceutical medications. Please seek advice from you Healthcare professionals.

Is Precise Thick-N INSTANT suitable for children?

Suitable for children 3 years and over (excluding those who were born prematurely or have a history of gastrointestinal issues).