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These supplements are not able to be thickened by Precise Thick-N INSTANT.

Ensure Plus Juce
Resource Arginade Extra RTD
(Note: Precise Thick-N INSTANT can thicken Arginaid Powder – look under “A” in this document)

Resource Arginade Extra RTD, Nutricia Fortijuice and Ensure Plus Juce strongly inhibit the viscosity of Precise Thick-N INSTANT to the point that 7-10 times more thickener is required to obtain the correct consistencies, which may become cost prohibitive.

Where a facility does need to thicken Resource Arginade Extra RTD and/or Nutricia Fortijuice and/or Abbott Ensure Plus Juce and cost is not a major impediment, please contact your Precise Thick-N INSTANT sales representative who will arrange to have instructions for the thickening of Resource Arginade Extra RTD, Nutricia Fortijuice with Precise Thick-N INSTANT provided to you.