Make up Osmolax as directed by the manufacturer (1 scoop (17g) to (240ml) water) then add Precise Thick-N INSTANT Single Serve as follows:

2 x pumps – Mildly Thick - Level 150
5 x pumps – Moderately Thick - Level 400
7 x pumps – Extremely Thick- Level 900

Mix for 30secs. Allow to stand for 10mins before serving and consume within 24hours* (refrigerate if stored for more than 2 hours).

*Where longer storage times are required, a facility should consult their speech pathologists to assure the consistency of the supplement after that storage time. Store the thickened supplement according to the facility’s food safety procedures.

Disclaimer: At the time of preparing this document these recipes were correct, should the manufacturer change a formulation, the recipe may need to be adjusted.