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Make up Resource Beneprotein as directed by the manufacturer (7g or one scoop into 120ml or 4fl.oz water), then add Precise Thick-N INSTANT Single Serve as follows:

1 x pump – Mildly Thick - Level 150
2 x pumps – Moderately Thick - Level 400
4 x pumps – Extremely Thick - Level 900

Mix for 30secs and allow to stand for 10mins before serving. Consume within 24hours (refrigerate if stored for more than 2 hours)

*Where longer storage times are required, a facility should consult their speech pathologists to assure the consistency of the supplement after that storage time. For longer storage periods, store the thickened supplement according to the facility’s food safety procedures.

Disclaimer: At the time of preparing these documents these recipes were correct, should a manufacturer change a formulation the recipe may need to be adjusted.