Hydrating, Thickened, Ready to drink Cups

Mildly Thick - Level 150

Moderately Thick - Level 400

Extremely Thick - Level 900


The Precise Thick’N Ready range of refreshing drinks come in ergonomically designed cups for ease of grip providing “must have” convenience. Flavours are available in the three recognised viscosities mildly, moderately and extremely thick – with colour coded labels. Pear Juice is also available unthickened and is a good source of dietry fibre with 4.4 grams per serve.

Enjoy Thick’N Ready cups in a wide range of flavours that patients and residents will find refreshing and hydrating.

Features, Advantages and Benefits:

• Full of flavour
• Wonderful mouth feel
• No bitter aftertaste
• Convenient 185mL serves
• 12 cups per carton offering greater flexibility in ordering of flavours
• No need for any preparation, just peel and sip
• Ergonomically designed, easy to hold cup that features a stable base and non-slip grip areas
• No need to use a cup or glass
• Freeze / thaw stable
• Foil peel top lids are colour coded to the Australian Standards for Texture Modified Foods and Fluids
• Each flavour is available in the three Australian Standards recognised viscosities,
– level 150 mildly thick
– level 400 moderately thick
– level 900 extremely thick

How to Use:

  1. Place the cup on a stable table or bench top.
  2. Open the foil lid by facing the foil peel tab away from yourself and carefully pull the tab backward to open.

How is it packaged?

Each flavour and viscosity comes packed in a 185mL plastic cup with 12 cups per carton. The cups have a foil lid for product identification with the product description, ingredients list, volume and nutritional declaration. On each cup the viscosity level is printed on the side next to the Best Before date.

Available in these flavours, click to see nutrition information.

General Information