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After five generations in business, we know the importance of Family. Food brings families together. At Precise, our mission is to help bring families together by providing food solutions which make people’s lives better, not only for those enjoying their favourite food or drinks, but just as much for the families caring for them.

Precise Thick-N INSTANT innovative liquid thickener is helping those with Dysphagia consume their favourite drinks across the globe.

Our Enprocal range, made of highest quality all-Australian dairy powders, provide the necessary nutrition for those fighting frailty.

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What is dysphagia?

Dysphagia is the medical term used to describe having difficulty swallowing – this includes problems with swallowing, drinking, chewing, eating, or when food or drink goes down the ‘wrong way’.

It is usually caused by nerve or muscle problems. Dysphagia can be painful and is more common in the elderly.

Because there are many causes of dysphagia, treatment depends on the underlying cause.

Early signs of dysphagia are coughing or choking while eating and drinking. This means food, liquid or saliva might get into your lungs, which could cause pneumonia.

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Testimonials from Clients

Precise thickener is an excellent product. The product can be easily mixed with any liquid drinks, and is very safe to use for any residents with dysphagia. It does not alter the taste and improves time management for the care staff allowing them to spend more quality time with the residents. More importantly, product training is included and great customer service.
Ray Obrero
Operations Manager, Villa Dalmacia Aged Care
Precise is a very easy product for staff to use and the resident’s appear to enjoy their drinks more now that they are lump free. Also my dealings with the Precise team has always been very responsive and positive.
June Watkins
Facility Manager, Braemar Presbyterian Care
I started using Precise thickener at the start of the year and I do not think that I will use any other thickener as Precise is easy for the staff to follow and mix and has no texture or flavour change beside getting thicker, also having the smaller size bottles to have on the tea trolley is great. I highly recommend Precise to anyone looking for a thickener for dysphagia patients and the customer service is excellent.
Hayley Blair
Support Service Manager, Peninsula Private Hospital